Nothing kills the party mood faster than a car full of cops descending on your Oakville real estate to shut you down, but this happens more often than people realize. Why? Because many people who are hosting major bashes don't understand that they need to get permits to do so. If you're planning a big party, this is an article you need to read unless you want to get a personal visit from the city's finest during the height of your soiree.

So when do you need a permit to party? Any time you will be using a public space, such as a park, street, or square, you need to obtain a permit. This helps to prevent unfortunate clashes between your party and the scheduled sign art fair booked into the space you want to use and it also gives people in the area warning about the impending interruption to their daily routine.

If you're planning to have a party at your Toronto real estate, you don't need a permit. You just need to respect your neighbors and not be too loud or rowdy (or simply invite them to the party). For any party where the street will be blocked off, the police must be involved. Generally speaking you cannot close a street that is on a bus route and you must have a way for pedestrians and emergency vehicles to come through.

To get a permit, you need to apply with the city. They will need the name of the location where you want to hold your party, the date and time of the event, the address of your Toronto loft so they can contact you and a written agreement from the affected residents. Most cities will only issue party permits for weekends and holidays to avoid disrupting people who will need their sleep to attend work or school the next day. Make sure to submit your request several weeks in advance.

If you plan to serve alcohol at your party, you will also need a special occasion liquor license. You can apply for these licenses at any official Ontario liquor store. You only need a special occasion permit to serve or sell alcohol at your party if it's not in a private home (such as in a church hall in Junction Toronto or at a block party). You are never permitted to sell liquor at home, though you can serve it anytime you want, including in your yard and on any land you own.

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