2016 Wood Fair Facts

Visitors 710
Volunteers 60
Musicians and entertainers 18
Sponsors 11
Artisans 13
Exhibitors 14
Demonstrators 3
Wood Auction
Lots(All Sold)95


A special thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of the 2016 Glengarry Wood Fair and Wood Auction.

Wood Fair Buyers' Projects

Here are some sample projects produced by Wood Fair Auction buyers over the last couple of years:  (With thanks to Frank Hurley and Jacques Ouimet.)

Sample Projects

Becoming a Sponsor

Sun, rain, or just partly cloudy, the Wood Fair and Auction attracts families, home enthusiasts, and professional tradespeople to see both the latest techniques, and historic "tricks of the trade".

You can be a sponsor at the Glengarry Wood Fair and Auction, which attracts around 1,000 people every year, and be part of this celebration of wood!

Just click on Sponsors tab at top of page...

2016 Sponsors

Event Sponsor
Scotiabank (Maxville)

Walnut Wood Sponsors

Alexandria Moulding
Jean Coutu
SD&G Chapter of the OWA

Cherry Wood Sponsors

Alexandria Home Hardware
Tree Top Services

Maple Wood Sponsors

MacEwen Petroleum
South Nation Conservation Authority

Pine Wood Sponsors

Pierre Aubry
Maxville Home Hardware
Mcdonald's Electric